Dot-Sap Services

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Recovery

Do you need to return to your transportation job after a failed DOT drug and alcohol testing? Greg Pryor is an experienced therapist in substance abuse healing. He can verify that you have successfully overcome your addiction and give you a second shot at your career!

Life Springs Counseling can assist employees who have violated the Department of Transportation substance abuse regulations with the return to duty process by providing the following services:

Initial Substance Abuse Assessment

Mr. Pryor evaluates the extent of your abuse and develops a treatment plan for healing and moving away from dependency.

Case Management

A failed DOT drug and alcohol test doesn’t have to ruin your life. Mr. Pryor and his staff will manage your case with attention and compassion.

Return to Duty

With Mr. Pryor’s guidance, you can return to living a dependency-free lifestyle and reinvigorate your career!


We ensure you remain healthy with dependable follow-ups, which helps your employer trust your accountability.

Substance Abuse Education

Find out why your employers use drug and alcohol testing and how you can remain a focused, healthy member of the department of transportation.

Don’t wait to give your career a second shot! Contact us today. 609-280-6998